Tuesday, December 06, 2005

3 poems by Paul Hoover



heard in error

            “the candy man klan”

wore gnat             suits in summer

            and also             the finnish

can’t stop dancing            cheek to cheek

            frowns on their faces

arctic stations            terns

            thick and thwarted word

this I know            for certain




                  if arrows were in rows

handsome planners gather            wherever lights are on

      terror in the hand            when two are in the bush

                  an inward ceremony            sleeble pleekly

cinematic people            murky creatures            soon achieve


            events most recent

       warrant not            fondness




it’s on and off            the local towers falling

            cell phone traffic

in that rigorously formal way            chatty’s in cathay

            the word rump            an otherworldly

butcher            hope evening comes            sluggard-

            ly            mugging            always just

beyond            we are granted love            brain’s

            blue water            muons