Thursday, November 09, 2006

3 poems by Nathan Ladd



The time continuum began and ended
at the point a and point a (as indicated in the instruction manual).

The bachelor had had a terrible time with the bolts and allen wrench that
he shook from the plastic bag. His hands wouldn't stand still, and the little
metal things were so tiny.

The sky was leaning on his back, like it was trying to
juice him. And he sweated. But the air was cold. But it was heavy.

It was all terribly confusing. The side panels in
the illustration barely looked like the ones in the box.
What kind of idiots do they hire to write these things, anyway?

Finally. It sat on the back lawn. He screwed in the last neon light bulb.
He went inside to test it out. The convergence of electric and natural light
made him feel like he was in the womb, right before his next life.

What a relief. A fort to hide from the American Indian children
who were terrorizing the neighborhood with sharply whittled sticks.
He was safe after the street lights came on
and dinner lured the little bastards to their
family units.
A kid's hate should not be underrated.




Boozy monkey
juggles fish next
to the river. Viscera
unfurled on the moss,
like videotape
Here, take this
and feel with it.
A feast is pending
on in the next

Violence is pent up in peaceful souls.
It makes skinny femurs
on the lawn. Of light
of day.
Man found
nating in self storage
Take this blood and be it.




Periodicals on microfiche. Check
Pardon our noise and dust. Check
No eating, drinking, smoking. Check
Green and white exit sign. Check
Byte to Calif. Mgmt. Rev. Check
Peeling globe. Check
Damaged graphic series. Check